Fenix 5X Plus - Bluetooth / Specialized Powercranks / TR

Garmin Fenix 5X Plus connects with Specialized Powercranks by Bluetooth.
TR connects via iOS to Specialized powercranks via bluetooth

TR iOS DOES NOT CONNECT TO Fenix X Plus via Bluetooth - why not? This seems stupid. Who wants to buy an ANT+ Dongle when bluetooth between iOS works for Garmin Connect and the Device - it seems to be an issue with TR.

This article states that Garmin Fenix 5X Plus should connect via bluetooth via iOS however it does not.

Am I missing something here or is this as silly as it seems?

I’m a little confused what your goal is. Is it to use your watch as a HR monitor in TR? That’s the only scenario I can think of that you can’t do without an ANT+ receiver, and that’s more of an Apple limitation. I hook up my power meter to trainerroad via Bluetooth and to my fenix watch via Ant+ and everything works great. I use an external HR monitor that connects to both the same way as well.

My goal is to minimise spending money on ANT+ dongles, and having extra ‘things’ when Bluetooth should be able to solve this problem.

I just don’t understand why I need to use ANT+

Garmin > Cranks = Bluetooth
Garmin > IOS = Bluetooth
IR > Cranks (via iOS) = Bluetooth

IR > Garmin must = ANT+ Why not Bluetooth??

Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but not what you’re trying to achieve. What information would Trainerroad need to get FROM your watch that you’re missing? I have trainerroad on my iPhone and I track all my workouts on my watch, and I don’t need anything extra.

I need the workouts from TR displayed on the watch. I don’t have my phone on a bracket or anything I keep it in my jersey…

Is this possible?

The only thing I get on my Finex 5 from TR is what is on the schedule.

Can’t say if you can actually do the workouts via the watch.

So it doesn’t push the workout to the watch?

Does this mean you either need to have phone or a bike computer on a mount to view the workout on TR?

I can have running workouts (with intervals etc) on my Fenix 5 - I basically want the same for riding but power based - I thought this was what TR would enable but appears this isn’t the case.

I have never tried. I use my pc for TR. Outdoor workouts are via Garmin Edge 530 head unit. I’ve never done any TR workouts outdoors.

There are a couple of limitations here:

  • Bluetooth only allows 1 connection at a time. The cranks can be connected to TR iOS over Bluetooth, or to your Garmin, but not both at the same time. ANT+ does support multiple connections.
  • The Fenix series does not include the F-EC control protocol that will control your trainer (or the FTMS protocol that will control it over Bluetooth). Garmin’s Edge devices do allow trainer control.

However, there are 2 solutions here:

  • Delete the current BT pairing on the Fenix, then pair it again over ANT+. That way your cranks can be connected simultaneously to TR on your phone over Bluetooth, and to your watch over ANT+.
  • From the TR calendar, select the option to ride that workout Outside (even if you are riding indoors on a non-smart trainer). This will send your workout to Garmin Connect, and from there to your watch. You can then view the workout from the watch, and just not use the phone.
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Thanks I figured out to send workout to connect then to watch which should solve the problem.

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