Thoughts on a Winter bike for the UK

Hi gang

Been looking for a winter bike for the UK which can take full mud guards for around 1000 to 1500. Can’t find much to consider any thoughts ?


You might struggle to find anything at the moment. Check ebay, FB marketplace, etc.


I have a cannondale caad 12. Goes on the turbo and I don’t mind using an aluminium bike in the winter with our crappy british roads.

I have the non-disc version (not available now), really nice bike for the money.

I have a Cinelli Della Strada, dont think theres many around but theres a Hobootleg from this italian website:

Is this the bike? I have owned one for years and can confirm it is bomb proof,uk winter riding on salted roads have done it no harm.

A little bit over your ideal price range, but this is what I’d be buying if they made it in my size (it ain’t easy being lanky).

Titanium with full length guard & pannier mounts and SRAM Rival 22 for £1800. Mad not to really!

Kinesis, I’ve an Triperster AT as my gravel/winter/bikepacking bike. Custom build from my local shop or they have prebuilts if you’re not being fussy!

The orange is really lovely and bright too.


That was the old version (very popular it was too). This was its replacement.

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Try Dolan (ormskirk) or Ribble (preston) for some decent quality low price bikes that have a lot of customisation options

The Dolan Profissio is a popular one round where I am, I think that’s around your budget

I bought a £200 CAAD8, ditched the Sora, did a parts-bin 105 build with some used Ultegra levers (composite not metal, so don’t feel as cold).

Building myself meant I could use marine grease to totally weather proof bearings, and having a threaded BB is a positive for winter usage in my books.

Also have a £70 1980 Peugeot that I’ve swapped wheels and cassette (that old Sora one from the CADD) to make it more useable. Friction shifters are interesting.

Although used prices are bouyant it looks like there is a increasing stock and some ok stuff out there with very little use and a decent discount from new.

Or Planet X over t’other side but they no longer have a shop.

Discs I would suggest are a must, as are the ability to try wider tyres. Evans own Pinacle Brand have some good reviews too and are often discounted if you want to buy from a shop. And Norco - road/adventure bikes.

Wiggle/Chain reaction - maybe Vitus?
search for adventure bikes on wiggle over £1000.

Orro - Terra is a pretty nice bike and you can even get Carbon depending on what size for your money.

Check out Pauls Cycles in Dereham - good bargains to be had if they have what you want.

I’ve got a Jamis Renegade Expert as my winter bike - Evans don’t stock them any more but it takes pretty wide tyres and full guards.

Hopefully a few suggestions - if you’re in a club see what the others use - in ours its a mixture of Ribble, Planet X, Ridley and Cube.

Think you need to be more specific on size and wants/needs…

The issue will be finding something but [depending on the rest of your bikes] if you want to buy new, I would get either a Pinnacle Arkose or Ribble CGR al [or similar like the Tripster posted further up].

I’ve built up an Arkose and am using it as a winter bike with mudguards and gravel bike with 2 wheelsets [700x28c & 650bx47c]. It also works as a bikepacking/touring bike with all the mounts you’d need for panniers.

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I only have a winter bike as I bought a new road bike earlier this year and ran the old one for a few years with two sets of wheels. So much easier and took up less space though it’ll depend what your “summer” or best bike is/are.
:grin: My winter bike then was the same but with mudguards on and the cheaper wheels.


Thanks for the tips

I currently have a CADD12 which you can’t fit proper mud guards too, I have clip-on

I am looking for a “summer bike” but as you say stock is low and being 6”4” I don’t have much choice

Last year I used the CADD but the lack of full guards caused a few problem and after last weeks rain I was reminded of these these.

Thanks for the ideas I will check them out

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My winter bike is a Genesis Croix de Fer 10, I actually got it for a commuter bike. A bit utilitarian and HEAVY! It actually weighs more than two of my mountain bikes including the full suss! Only my fat bike is heavier and then not by much :hot_face:

My wife has a Pinnacle Arkose as her winter bike, pretty decent but the stock wheels aren’t up to much, she’s replaced them with a pair of Hunt wheels. Will take up to 35c tyres with mudguards.

Both bikes can cope with mild off-road - canal tow paths, forestry tracks, that kind of thing. Both bikes were designed by the same bloke I believe.

I did have an On-One Pompetamine which I converted from Alfine Hub to single speed and that was really good as a winter bike and surprisingly capable off-road - I did the Dirty Reiver 200km ride in Kielder Forest on it. Slightly sad that I passed it on.

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I have a croix de fer, too. Quite an old one (10 years old) but it’s been treating me super well.
I just love this bike, but… the breaks are disc/mechanical, which is a pain in the arse.
I actually just got mine changed to hydros, because I love the bike, and well, wanted to bring it in the new age :smiley:

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I’ve got a Planet x London Road and can recommend it as a winter bike. £800, so you could get two for your budget! Can take proper mudguards and even a rack if you want it. Fits wide tyres (maybe 40mm? I’ve run 35mm knobblys on it) Though they don’t seem to have any XL ones at the moment.

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I think a gravel bike is the perfect cross over winter bike. Most take guards. Wider / grippier tires. Slightly less aggressive (handling). My Open Wi.De doubles up as a winter bike.