Feels like trainer bogging down

Last two work outs in the build phase have been feeling like the RPMS are getting bogged down with the trainer( Cycle ops hammer) interval is 351 watts for 9min…rpms around 80 for round 1 round 2 65 and round 3 was unpedalable. Is this me fatiguing or is there an issue with the resistance on the trainer???

Were you in resistance or erg mode?

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Then I think fatigue is very likely.

That wattage is very high. What type of intervals are you doing (relative to your FTP %)?

I ask because that 80 rpm is quite slow for most intervals, unless you are deliberately choosing to do slow cadence work.

I suspect you may need to increase your cadence to move away from the fatigue that mounts quicker with slower cadence.

FTP 345 so these were above threshold…I have done these before and never had the torch on the trainer get so hard …I’m thinking this is due to the last half of the sustained power build mid volume and carrying a lot of fatigue …might be sign to choose a -1 or -2 option

What is your typical cadence?

I have a hammer as well (first gen) and there are times when I’ve wondered the same thing, but I think it’s a function of fatigue in the legs, some days it’s easier than others to get the legs moving quickly. This may be placebo, but I do sometimes use a separate cadence sensor (the hammer’s cadence sometimes underreports cadence, so I’ll take any help I can get). And I definitely try to keep my cadence around 90 because if I let it slip, especially on over threshold stuff, it’s a slippery slope to a point where I can’t sustain the power at low cadence.

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