Feeling tired and sore on a group ride but getting PRs?

There is a saying about running - It doesn’t get easier you just go faster - and apparently I experienced that yesterday on the bike.

I’ll post a little synapsis but basically my legs were tired and sore and I just felt like my RPE was off, but the results were really good.

I was a little dehydrated when I woke up so I put down most of a 32oz bottle with lmnt in it (flavored electrolytes) then headed out with my two 90g bottles and two chewable things (first with caffeine). For the most part I was on or near the front and we do a sprint segment and I went off the front twice on the way to it and just had a great time making the ride a little spicy. Ended up getting five PRs on segments during the group ride and three on the commuting parts.

Seems like training over the winter inside plus the increased volume now that it’s nice out is really paying off, hopefully I can be a little bit better off the bike (recovery, diet, drinking) and continue to improve quickly.

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