Feature requests: Season managament enhancements (colors, date format)

Would be nice to have a couple of features (for the web site):

  • configurable color for the season’s line in the graph. Currently the distinctions between dark blue and black etc. can be quite difficult to discern

  • Not have US numeric date formats only - either having something unambiguous (e.g. “1 Oct 2017”) or allow localization.

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Hey there!

We have an existing feature request thread for this feature, you can check it out and show your support here:

Are you experiencing this in the application or the website? Both? The date format should be showing up based on your browser’s locale, so this may be something we need to look into.

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+1 not easy to see. Especially if you have low brightness or any type of blue filtering

This is on the web site if I got to Manage Seasons and then “Edit” an existing season. Browser is Firefox 73.0.1 on Windows.