Improve Color Contrast in Personal Records Graph (Feature Request)

When looking at the personal records graph and comparing seasons, the data lines are all a shade of blue. It makes it difficult to compare.

It would be nice if the color had higher contrast so it could be easier to differentiate between seasons.


I agree with this and would love just drastically different colors. Red/green/black/purple/the whole RGB spectrum.

Agreed, right now its 3 shades of blue and when they are similar its difficult to distinguish between them.

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Agreed, different colours would help.

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Or stroke patterns?

Maybe 3 fixed colours but very different ones. Red, blue and Green would do the trick


I agree!


+1 And/or change the white background to a darker color and make the appropriate lighter color for the lines.

Thanks for the feedback y’all. This decision is ultimately up to the Design Team since it is their job to maintain a consistent brand image, but I will pass your feedback onto the team :+1:.


+1 for this - would be nice to able to assign a colour to a season when using the “Manage Seasons” feature …

+1, current color scheme is poor.

Would it possible for the user to be able to change colors in the graphs. Currently I am unable to differentiate the colors in the graph of Personal records making this feature almost impossible to use correctly.


Yes please. It would be nice to have actual varied colors instead of 50 shades of blue.



Good news, all! We have improving accessibility as a whole on the longer-timeline roadmap, this will include improving visibility in PR graphs. I cant speak to a timeline yet with so many high-priority releases in the pipeline, but rest assured it’s on our radar and will be improved upon! :sunglasses: