Personal records graphs issue when colorblind

I keep running into this thing where I can’t tell the difference enough in the different colours in the graph to effectively read the graph. I’d love it if the graphs had a higher contrast option between the different lines, maybe even some dotted line options.


Second that. I had the same thought recently. All the blue looks very stylish, but it’s indeed very hard to distinguish, especially when close together.
Would be great if there was either “choose your own colour” kinda thing. Or at least the option OP alluded to.


This follows closely with the existing request, despite not mentioning the colorblind aspect.

I may merge them, but will share this link for references right now.

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Ah, weird that that didn’t show up. Seeing as this goes back to 2019 I hope this isn’t too big to pick up.

If you’re familiar with a browser’s developer console (usually opened with f12), you can run the following javascript to change the colors of the lines in the website:
document.querySelector(’.highcharts-series-0 path’).setAttribute(‘stroke’, ‘red’)//series-0 is the left date filter
document.querySelector(’.highcharts-series-1 path’).setAttribute(‘stroke’, ‘blue’)//series-1 is the middle date filter
document.querySelector(’.highcharts-series-2 path’).setAttribute(‘stroke’, ‘green’)//series-2 is the right date filter


ha! thanks. that’s amazing.

Thanks for bringing this up! Definitely passing this along to the team. :love_you_gesture:


Being colorblind is definitely a challenge when it comes to graphs and charts and seeing things in life in general. Seeing dark red things is especially difficult, such as a dark red graph line on a black background. Blues and purple are for the most part indistinguishable. Dark reds, dark greens, dark browns are pretty much the same color. Tans and mid range greens are hard to determine which is which. Bright (lime) green and yellow are exactly the same color. The green light in traffic lights are white to me. At intersections that have a single blinking red or amber light is really confusing as I have nothing to compare the color contrast against - I don’t know if it’s blinking red or blinking amber. In the color blind tests where there is a number imposed in a circle of dots I don’t see any numbers. So for me it would be a fabulous feature if I could select the line colors on TR graphs. On various graphs and chart I come across daily I have to ask my wife what color represents which value in the graph legend. And yes, my wife does dress me which keeps the fashion police away.


I was just looking at my PR chart. Had to see if someone brought this up.

Yellow wording on white background is always fun for me!!

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That’s just plain bad practice, without the addition of a contrasting boarder around the text itself.

Same for me, I can confirm almost every single thing you describe.