Feature requests - noise when turning Erg mode off, and resistance control on Android front screen

In the 20 minute test, Erg mode is turned off for the 5 minute and 20 minute portions, but if you aren’t paying attention to the workout text then you’d never know. Please can you add an extra beep before the text that says that erg mode is turning off, so the user is aware of it? It messed up my FTP test this morning, and I had a similar issue with a different ride a few weeks ago where resistance died, and putting it back into Erg mode put the resistance way too high.

Also, when in resistance mode, could you replace (or add to) the intensity menu so that it’s possible to control resistance from a screen where you can see power? I’m running power match, and to change the resistance I have to go into the device screen, which means I can’t see my power! I had to adjust the resistance, go out of the device screen, check the power, go back into the device screen, adjust the resistance, go out of the device screen… I didn’t bother in the 20 minute part of the test because it was too cumbersome and I didn’t want to kill the test fiddling with the settings.


Hey Duncan!

Thanks for writing in with your feature request. I’m really sorry for all the difficulties you had during your 20 minute test.

Unfortunately, since the 8 and 20 minute tests have been replaced by the Ramp Test in all of our plans, it is unlikely that we will be updating the now-legacy testing protocols. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news :pensive:

Regarding the ability to switch Resistance Modes from the main screen when using PowerMatch, I think that could be a great improvement. I’ll pass your feedback onto the team :+1:

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