Feature Request

When I do a run I use my old Garmin 500 to gather GPS data and HR. Strava automatically uploads it as a bike ride, but allows me to change it to a RUN activity. However, the TrainerRoad calendar imports it from Strava as a bike ride which really screws up the TSS. I know I can have TR calculate TSS, but I’d rather just be able to change the activity to a RUN.

We’re working on including swim and run workouts to the Calendar, but at the moment you’ll have to delete the “ride” on TR to not mess up your TSS. The reason it’s coming through as a cycling activity is because that’s how it’s flagged when it’s initially uploaded to Strava. Strava pushes all rides to TR as soon as they’re uploaded, which means we get them as a “ride” even if they’re later changed to a “run” on Strava.