Auto-switch smart trainer mode in workout mode [Feature Request]

I follow my own training plan based on training peaks optimised intervals from WKO. Typically this will involve pick and mix selection of existing trainer road workouts, perhaps altering the workout intensity to match my needs or occasionally creating my own in workout creator. I usually workout in ERG mode, this can cause a problem in a high intensity workout (say FRC intervals) where I may fail an interval before the completing the number planned. For these maximum effort intervals it may have be beneficial to continue the intervals despite dropping power (as these are still maximum albeit fatigued maximum). It would be useful to be able to set the trainer into slope mode just before each of these intervals, allowing warm up, cool down and any endurance work at the end to still be controlled by ERG. Could this feature be added to workout creator such that workouts could be created similar to the existing testing protocols?


We have plans to entirely revamp our Workout Creator, but that falls after a few other projects that are a higher priority. For now, if you can use the Windows app you can use the “M” key to toggle trainer modes. On Mac, there should be a dropdown where you can select Slope mode. Otherwise, on the mobile apps for the time being, you’ll need to open your trainer on the Devices page to switch the trainer mode.


I have recently switched from a dumb trainer to a smart trainer, an Elite Suito. After trying out all modes, I found out I prefer erg mode for Z2 workouts, warmups and rest intervals, but anything at or above sweet spot I prefer resistance mode.

Switching back and forth on my iPad, especially in an oxygen-depraved state, is finicky and hard. And with the touch interface on the iPad, short cuts are of no use.

So I thought this might be an idea for a feature. What do you all think?

I believe the desktop app allows switching with a single hotkey.

I use my phone and wouldn’t use the feature personally. I use erg for everything including sprints. Tacx Neo.

Like I wrote, I’m on the iPad app and cannot use hotkeys.

So ERG mode is great for longer steady intervals AND standard mode is better for short high intensity bursts… Just wondering if it’s possible to code mode switches into a workout? Maybe call it “dynamic” or “hybrid” mode? This would be great for workouts like “The Chimneys” where there’s a fun mix of both burst and steady.

I merged your post with the existing one aiming for the same feature request.

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The unfortunate answer is not at the moment. It’s possible to do this - TR does this in their FTP tests - but TR hasn’t exposed this functionality to the very old Workout Creator. I’ve tried editing a TR FTP test to see if I could create a workout that auto-switches - TR support thought this would work - but no dice.

Add this feature request to the long-standing ask for an updated and very much improved Workout Creator. Or barring that, expose the APIs that Workout Creator uses to pull the list of workouts and publish new workouts back to TR so that other companies / people can fill the void for a modern TR workout creator.

Alternatively they could make more switching very fast and easy on the mobile apps. I would think that’s a much smaller project than redoing workout builder. Something like one tap to show the modes and another to both select the mode and close the mode picker.

I know it’s not the same thing as doing it automatically, but it seems that they don’t intend to let this be programmable into workouts themselves. My guess is they aren’t going to modify their piles of workouts to take advantage of auto switching, not least because not everyone would want that and there’s many other things on their plate.

Another way would be to have an option in the app for all intensities above X% FTP to use resistance / sim mode. That would also be a smaller project I believe.

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Its frustrated me for a while that is so difficult to switch between Erg and Resistance in TR, which is the main reason I use the TrainerDay app for short V02 work, rather than have a drop down for “modes” they just have a couple of buttons on the screen, one for Resistance one for ERG

Since it has been mentioned a couple of times, here is the existing feature request to make trainer mode switching easier on Mobile:

And just to make sure it is covered, Win/Mac can be swapped easily with the ‘T’ key on a keyboard.


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