Question about feedback surveys - do I need to do them?

Something I am wondering - hopefully someone knows the answer…

I do almost all of my workouts pushed from TrainingPeaks, so in TR terms they are “custom”.

I think I have read here that TR’s performance levels get messed up by custom workouts so TR’s logic around achievable/productive etc won’t work reliably. So is there any value in filling in the feedback surveys or is that a waste of time for me?

If you’re not using and don’t plan to use TR’s Adaptive Training system, then the post-workout surveys don’t matter (for custom or standard workouts).

Custom workouts don’t get accurate workout levels, so they’ll contribute weirdly to your overall Progression Levels. If you’re not using TR to recommend workouts with AT or TrainNow, that also doesn’t matter.


On the pre-workout survey on the PC, I’m kind of annoyed it prompts an additional time after pausing. I just had a workout and not sure why I was getting dropouts either due to the trainer (TN2T) or the app, but the pre-workout ‘how i’m feeling’ came up when I answered it earlier before I started. Also the window doesn’t seem to go away as quick when I did restart and it was blocking the middle of the data view.

Hey there!

From a high-level training perspective, it can still be useful to fill out the post-workout surveys to get an idea of how you’ve been feeling during your workouts and throughout your plan.

For example, looking back in your training, you could see a trend where your workouts started to get Very Hard → All Out. Since AT isn’t managing your workouts, this would be a sign some extra recovery could be needed.

While we don’t generally endorse using Workout Levels for custom workouts, it may be useful for you if all of the workouts you’re doing come from TP – in which case, the Workout Levels should be mostly consistent when compared to other workouts from your TP plan.

For example, your PLs would all be relative to your TP workouts and therefore you can see what workouts are Achievable/Productive/Stretch based on your recent training. You can’t compare levels to TR workouts but you can compare levels relative to other TP workouts.

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