Feature Request: Sync Workout Notes to Strava, etc. [+ AT Info Progression Levels, etc.]

Is there currently any way to export the workout notes either to Strava or to dropbox together with the workouts? Currently, I have to duplicate my notes manually in GC, where I also keep all my health data etc. Ideally, I would like to type up notes once and it would sync in some way either through strava or to a dropbox folder, whatever is easier.


I’d just like to add to this and say that it would be nice if more information could be “pushed” to Strava, e.g. the title of the ride, any notes, which bike you used. I have to go in and edit the ride each time in Strava because my default bike is my outdoor one.

(I recognise it may be Strava preventing this, but it would be a nice feature if possible to have a little “sync widget” where you can put in the bike, the title you want, any notes etc.)

Both of these are good ideas. While I’m not sure on the limitations of our Strava and Dropbox sync abilities, I’ll pass this along to our team to see if it’s something we could improve/implement in the future.


Also can TR populate Strava’s “private notes” field with the Progression Level and also show your Workout Response for instant annotation of your performance “trend”?

I moved your comment to a more appropriate Feature Request that already existed.

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