Feature request - swim and run workout naming conventions

I’m just starting Full-Distance Triathlon mid-volume build, having completed base. I’d love to see swim sessions given the same sort of names as the cycling workouts. So, for example, a warmup/drills/8x100/5x200/drills/cool down might have a name, and differing intensities could have + or - numbers.

Similarly for runs.

The grouping doesn’t have to be as distinct as with the cycling plans, but you might have a name for all the ‘base runs’ - followed by a time. A run with (say) 4, 6 or 8 1m sprints, 2m recoveries might be "Lofty, 30.4, or 40.6, or 40.8 (30, 40 or 40 minutes, respectively, with 4, 6 or 8 sprints respectively).

I feel like that would make it easier to see the week at a glance.

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Thanks so much for the suggestion!

In the future we want to expand our support of triathlon specific features, so I will share your idea with the team for consideration :+1:.

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I’m loving the expansion of support for triathlon - the TR plans for the 70.3 and 140.6 are the main reason I’m doing my first IM in December!

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An alternative for the swims would be to just name the workout as per what the main set is; that’s how I write it down in my paper training log.

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I have noticed that the sets are much easier to remember, when you realise that there are three main types.

  1. warmup/drill/x by 100m easy-mod with 5s recovery/ x by 200m moderate-hard with 45(down to 20s) recovery/drill/cool down
  2. warmup / drill / x by 100m easy-mod with 5s / x by 150m hard with (reducing) recoveries / x by 50m sprints / drill / cool down
  3. warmup / distance / cool down.
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