Feature Request: Stacked / Combined Workouts

@Vision646 i have combined to instructional workouts in the past… just click to edit a second workout, select it all and create it as a snippet and paste where you want it…

i put in extra ez spinning between workouts, this was all done in the workout creator (prior to pc Extend WU/CD function).
see exhibit A:

Ah, that isnt the most clear/easiest but that is a good work around.

Thanks for sharing!


It is an edge case though. How many people would actually wish to do two workouts together other than to cool down. Extend workout can be used.
If you are desperate to do consecutive workouts then just start the second one and have about a one minute gap.


Any way to combine multiple selected TR workouts into a single LONG workout? Examples. I follow the TR plan and all adaptions but I add quite a bit endurance rides to build up my weekly time on the bike leading into the spring. Example that happened today. I needed 6 hours in the saddle to hit my mark. I did x3 TR workouts. The 1.5 hour threshold that was scheduled by TR, than I added a 3 hour endurance and another 1.5 hour endurance ride to hit my 6 hour target. Would love to be able morph these rides into one big one. It would eliminate x3 cooldowns and make it easier to track progress. Thanks.

I merged your request with an existing one that is very similar. The only notable difference in your comments it about the cooldowns. In a pure “stacking” idea of making TR load and then continue between “linked” workout, there would be no changes to the pre-programmed warm up & cool down. Perhaps an extension of the “stacked/linked” idea would be a dynamic alteration between workouts, but that could be rather difficult compared to simple connecting them.

Anyway, I merged this with the existing topic to keep these ideas and discussions grouped, as TR reps prefer.

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I’ve been adding extra TR workouts before or after a scheduled workout and I was thinking…how cool would it be if those rides could morph into one long ride?? For example: If Dans, followed by Kennedy, followed by Dans was loaded in the calendar the system could ask if we wanted to combine them into one long ride. It might serve as a way to make a “custom” a workout as well. Just a thought I had while spinning away :slight_smile:

I merged your request with an older one that aims for the same goal (and updated this topic title to be more clear for search results too).

The Xert EBC andoid player allows you to finish a workout and literally join it onto another workout and do it again and again if you so wanted to.

It offers “End Workout” and you can join another one on or “End Activity” where all workout(s) are saved and synced with strava etc.


No need to tag me. I follow all these Feature Request posts as a rule. Outside of that, I have no control over any of what TR does with these FR’s. I just help organize and group duplicate requests.


Good stuff :+1:

Another vote for this. Ideally (might have been said before, jumped here from another thread), cool-down and warm up would be removed / combined (maybe a prompt could ask?).

This has been my long-standing request: the ability to create “playlists”. And even better would be the ability to create standard warm-up / cool down snippets that would always be added to a workout. So in this model, workouts would consist of:

  • Warm-up: either the “standard” TR created one or you personal warm-up
  • Actual workout
  • Cool-down: either the “standard” TR created one or your personal cool-down

Let 2 for the above would be the ability to create standard warm-ups for each Zone (e.g., this is my Sweet Spot warmup, a different warm-up for VO2 max, etc.).

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