Merging workouts

Not sure if this has already been suggested.
Occasionally I want to do a workout of changing intensities. For example. I quite often want to do, say and hour of threshold work followed up with another hour of endurance for example. I usually do this by extending the workout then playing around with intensity. This works fine but is a bit tedious and I realise I could create Custom workouts too but I really don’t have the time or patience.
I would like to see a feature where I could merge two workouts together.
For example being able to combine an hour threshold workout with an hour endurance workout to create one two hour workout. It would also be good if it could automatically remove the overlapping cooldown and warmup sections of each workout.

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I just schedule two workouts. I’m 53, so I usually need to get off the damn bike to pee after an hour anyway.

I usually extend the warmup on the first ride by 5 minutes and skip the recovery, so I get the correct workout length and TSS.