Feature Request: Inserting mid-workout warmups after unplanned pausing

Hey all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Great work with the product. I was just listening to episode 213 where a question was answered about mid-workout pauses. The user had a baby that occasionally interrupted their workouts and trying to jump back in and feeling the workouts were difficult. Chad cited this being among other things likely due to the legs cooling and how a proper warmup before gunning it again would be good.

While I don’t have children, occasionally I get interrupted by my stomach on particularly hard intervals without going into too many details. This often puts me off the bike for about 5 minutes and I too have found it difficult to sometimes get back to the workout with the intensity I had. While re-winding may work for some workouts, I wonder if even rewinding to the beginning of a rest in-between interval sets is by itself sufficient. After hearing this podcast I thought it’d be great to have a feature to insert a warmup into the middle of a workout. Something like a shortened version of the initial workout warmup or just a longer period of rest–thoughts?

Maybe even then after the application could then be enhanced to recommend warmups based on pause duration or recommended workout points to pick back up? Is this over-engineering user experience?

Thanks again for the great product and all the improvements you continue to make.


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Hey Brian!

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion with us!

I agree that you may need some time to properly warmup after a short time off of the bike. Completing an abbreviated version warmup at the beginning would be a good place to start, however, it is unlikely that we will build this into the software for a couple reasons.

For one, we don’t recommend stopping mid-workout. Ideally, you would always be able to complete your workout from start to finish. Of course there are things that may cause us to stray from the “ideal” (such as children or an angry stomach), but these are exceptions rather than the norm. Having a re-warmup feature may give athletes a mental excuse to take a break, knowing that they can jump back in with a TR supported re-warmup. This would somewhat muddy our message that completing the workout start to finish is ideal.

Secondly, there is an easy workaround to this. To help yourself re-warm up, switch to resistance mode if you have a smart trainer, and, while the workout is still paused, start to warm back up. Start easy, and ramp up similar to how the warmup at the beginning does. If there are efforts, throw those in too. Take as much time as you need. Once you’re feeling warm again, press play on the workout and get on with your intervals :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the post, feel free to reach out if you have any more suggestions! We love to hear them :+1:

Thanks for the quick response @Bryce !

I had not realized this was an option. TBH, have not not tinkered with setting to resistance mode. Will explore.

I certainly understand we don’t want to give people more reasons to stop :smiley:

Thanks again!


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