Feature request: show effects of auto FTP on PLs

My current aim is to ignore shorter term FTP increases and work on holding power for longer with the associated PL increases.

It would be nice if when looking at the FTP screen and choosing whether to accept the new FTP or not if we could see what it will change in your PLs.


Hey @firemunki,

Interesting idea. Most of our athletes are following a plan, and AT will avoid FTP increases with the goal of hitting some higher-level workouts when it seems appropriate based on their goals.

In terms of holding power for longer, are you talking about time at 100% of FTP? There are lots of sustained power Threshold workouts in our library that you can always choose from.

Declining FTP increases to theoretically get these workouts prescribed to you might come with some drawbacks, namely that all of your workout types are going to be affected. Also, If you’re due for a bump up in your FTP and you decline it, those sustained power FTP workouts might be closer to Sweet Spot workouts based on your true FTP.

That’s just my opinion, though. I think that it could be tough to ride high-level workouts for extended periods of time, and replacing some of your prescribed Threshold workouts with sustained power efforts at a similar level could be an easier way to achieve this without having to commit all of your workouts to become more difficult simultaneously.

We’ve noted your request! :handshake:

It was a poor description but I couldn’t really work out a better one!

But essentially I am getting a few watt increase with the FTP auto detection with the accompanying PL drops. For VO2 this would drop me back to 30s intervals (for example) when I’d like increase the length of them.

So potentially I’d rather not go from 201w to 209w FTP but work on holding time at X power for longer.

Essentially not chasing a high FTP but be better across the board. Although I did accept the FTP increase this time and my pl didn’t drop massively.

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I get what you’re saying here. :thinking:

The same applies to VO2 Max workouts, though. If you search through our VO2 workouts and select the “traditional” filter, you’ll see that 2-minute intervals start at Workout Level 2.0 and 4-minute intervals start at Workout Levels 4.5.

Most of what determines which type of VO2 workout you’re prescribed (Attacks, Float Sets, Long Suprathreshold, Mixed Intervals, On-Offs, Ramps, Steps, Traditional, etc.) is the type of plan that you’re on and which phase you’re in. There are workouts of each type at both high and low levels.

The best one for you depends on your goals! You can have some say over what types of workouts you’re going to get by looking at which plan typically prescribes them and then selecting that plan. I did this a while ago when I switched to Climbing Road Race, even though I had no intention of racing that sort of race over here in Wisconsin. :sweat_smile: I liked the stimulus of that plan, though, and responded really well to it too!

Having some more control over what you’re prescribed would be cool, though I agree!

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