Increasing FTP decreases PLs, deleting that entry doesn't change to old level, re-adding a new FTP again decreases PLs

As in the title:

I accepted a change from AI FTP from 242 to 246 and my threshold level changed from 4.8 to 4.0, SS from 7.9 to 7.2 and VO2max from 6.5 to 5.7 (I didn’t pay attention nor really care for the other energy zones for now). I then deleted the AI FTP entry but decided to go for the AI FTP estimate after all and manually added 246, this further decreased my threshold to 3.2, SS to 6.6 and VO2max to 5.0

Don’t mess with AT again or it will whack your PLs a third time!


I somewhat know what was scheduled, so I can manually change my workouts but this clearly is a bug and should be fixed

If it is a bug, you should report it to Support. I bet they can restore your PL’s too.


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Go back and delete all recent changes in Ftp history, then go back to the most recent workouts you did and redo the survey responses to how you originally rated them.
So you’ll go back 242 then re do the survey responses for the past two weeks. You have to delete most recent ftp changes on your account on the web. Once you redo the surveys give it time they should update the PLs just be patient. Then when the PLs go back up and you want the AI ftp just add it back to your calendar to get it. I hope that makes sense. I did the same thing a week ago :laughing:

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I made a screenshot before changing so I can just change the workout but hopefully TR fixes this so others don’t run into this problem. I’m okay with it since I chose to use an experimental feature but this bug shouldn’t be in the release version

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I don’t think it’s exactly a bug per day, just an unrefined aspect.

I believe the idea is that if you lower your FTP input, you stay at same PL since you lowered because the workouts were too intense. This will hopefully fix it.

Whenever you raise FTP you always get a decrease.

There should be a check that if you revert it, it goes back. Just not in yet. I think the next update is going to show what the PLs would be if you accepted. Though it has been shown on here through analysis that they generally scale down linearly with increasing FTP.

There probably ought to be a warning that if you increase FTP input your PLs will drop, even if you try to go back.