Search Workouts by Keywords


is there a way to search the workout db by keywords?
I am trying to find workouts to ride fatMax sessions, but I can’t find just one workout.

Thank you!

If you use the web app you can just type in the search box and it will search the workout descriptions. Doesn’t work on mobile or desktop unfortunately.

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I get what you say, but there are no such keywords like vlamax and fatmax. so I cant find any workouts like these

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Yup, totally dependent on the data as provided. Since TR doesn’t really use those terms, you won’t find them in search results.

If possible, find a workout that falls into the range of what you are looking to search, and see if there are other related terms that can be applied to reach the same end results.

I’d love to see more improvements for finding workouts. Filter options like over/unders workouts and specific work intensity lengths ie 30, 40, 50 seconds, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 mins etc. Would really help those not following a TR plan.


you are right. it’s quite difficult as the names are not very predictable.
i know most of the time its all about doing a training plan, but sometimes I just want to spin the legs a little bit and that ends up in searching a workout -.-