Feature Request: Remove skipped portions of workouts from the hours count on calendar

While I was going thru my calendar I noticed something didn’t add up.
I was doing boarstone on 1/25/21, but decided to end it and skip straight to the cooldown after the first hour. This shows in the calendar view as a 2hr workout and gives a false sense of hours of training for the week. Even the file that gets sent to Training peaks is incorrect.
I see that the duration on the workout analysis is correct but the calendar is not

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It also exports the .fit in a way, at least to TrainingPeaks, that imply the whole workout is done too.

I’m wondering if you can validate that as well?

Yes it does. Completed time shows 2 hrs

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On TP, it seems to have the skipped points as a constant power, cadence, etc. which isn’t right. I think this is more of a bug, than a feature request.

It might be worthwhile contacting support@trainerroad.com

tagged “bug” onto the thread

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There was (likely still is) a ‘bug’ with how pauses are dealt with in recorded data. The paused time is not accounted for in the power/duration curve - that data is based on the ‘workout time’, not the ‘wallclock time’, so if you pause your workouts the P/D curve will be messed up. This is ‘working as intended’ as far as TR is concerned.
It would be nice to see data integrity stuff like this cleaned up.


That’s actually pretty aweful. So you are saying I can do 4x5min all out with paused rest and make a new 20min record?

That’s how it used to be, and I was given the impression that this was not a priority to be fixed. Solution is to “not pause”. I haven’t tested this recently, so maybe it has changed, but given how the skipped portions aren’t recorded correctly I doubt it.
I really hope that TR has a way of properly handling this for whatever ‘big data’ stuff they are doing, as otherwise there could be a lot of incorrect data they are using.
I care about longer duration power records - ie 2-3 hours, and sometimes I can’t avoid a pause in those. I have to exclude those from power records completely to avoid using the bad data.

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