Total Time Incorrect [Feature Request]

When you skip forward in an interval the total time shown is incorrect. The app shows the time as though you completed the entire interval. Please correct this as it is essential to know the correct correct elapsed time during a ride.
Thanks in advance.

Maybe this would be better sent in an email where Support can properly deal with it?

emailed them as well :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump …

it’s the little things that I’d like to see fixed (hint, hint)

I haven’t tried in a long time, but how do you skip forward in an interval? I think I attempted to once with the mouse pointer while riding but didn’t succeed in getting the workout to jump forward and just assumed it isn’t possible. Skipping forward might be useful for days where I’m running short on time in the morning and would like to cut out a chunk from the middle of the workout… Thnx

I can only address iOS. Pause the workout and use your finger to slide across the workout diagram to where you want to skip to in the workout.

Okay thanks. I’m running the Windows app most days, but I think I didn’t try to pause it first. I’ll try that when I find myself wanting to skip forward next time.

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Unfortunately, a fix for this is not a scheduled priority at this time :pensive:. Our developers are currently full-speed-ahead with some other major projects on our roadmap.

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Win 10 shows abbreviated time for the portion completed, not the full planned workout time.