Feature Request: Remove FTP test from Analytics

It would be great to be able to remove designated FTP test with a flag from the analytics page. This would allow a user to determine growth outside of an FTP test.

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I like the potential idea of a toggle switch to quickly include or exclude all “tests” from the data.

But you can do it to some degree now, if you are willing to edit tests. You can exclude any ride or workout from PR. Just edit the desired one and uncheck the desired box.

Not a perfect solution, but could be done now if desired.



Why would excluding known cycling stress be a good idea? Not trying to be obtuse. I just don’t see the advantage as testing is training and training is testing. Sort of like racing is training and training is racing.

This request is about looking at power personal records. It’s not about stress.

But to answer the question in general, maybe you have a ride that has bad or incorrect TSS data, that you don’t want included.

I’m definitely missing the point. I mean I understand with bad data as in incorrect/corrupt. But, if you get a PR for an FTP test whether FTP or best 1 minute power, why exclude it?


I will leave that to @tophermharris to answer that, since this is his request.

I just shared one possible work-around for him to use that may accomplish the desired outcome.

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My reasoning is that I want to know which workouts gave me the PR.

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IMO, growth during plans puts more emphasis on being able to repeat an effort. Growth during tests puts more emphasis on a single max effort. I also think it’s relevant to know that for example, my VO2 max repeats were X watts under my max 3 minute PR. Helps put into perspective how hard I could have gone, if I weren’t pacing it to be able to do more.

If you’re really curious to see growth more frequently than every ramp test, simply do occasional max efforts at whatever duration(s) you’re interested in.

Really what would be more beneficial is a yearly PR power chart exactly like the one you cans see on any given workout. They have it in other software and it’s nice to reference. When you hover over a time it will give you the wattage and date. Having access on the career page makes sense. I posted about it but, it got nowhere…

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I think being able to filter out ride type would be a very powerful tool to determine under what conditions were you able to achieve that max effort. I was just highlighting FTP tests as I feel they are a controlled environment.

Agreed. Reference my post above. There would be no need to exclude a workout that way. You could see the date, go to your calendar and look at the workout. If you make notes, even better.

unless you feel that your outdoor rides or FTP tests are skewing your data… or be able to filter out ride intensity. to understand how you are performing on longer rides where you have increased intensity.

Gotcha. Now I understand. I use a Quarq PM inside and out so the data is consistent. I didn’t take that into account when I read the post and is the missing piece of the puzzle (for me).