Feature request: re-warm up

I’ve got two young kids, ages 3 and just coming up to 1. As any parent knows, getting through a solid hour and a half early evening without interruptions is rare to say the least.

I’ve just had to interrupt Richardson +4 for 20 minutes after the first block of intervals, and am looking at 2m48 before having to sprint again. Ew.

Being able to insert three or four minutes of ramping up after a workout interuption wpuld make this suck a lot less!


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass this onto the team.

What you can do in the meantime is pedal while the workout is paused for 3-4 minutes to get some heat back in your legs. Then, press resume when you are ready to jump back into your intervals. You won’t get “credit” for it in terms of TSS/IF, but it will allow you to nail your intervals, which is much more important in the grand scheme of things.


AFAIK if the wo is pause and you pedal, the wo will resume by itself (at least on the mobile version of TR)

This is configurable, go into your settings and turn off “Pedal to resume/pause”


Didnt know. I should have read the manual!


No worries, I flick between using it or not. Sometimes I find it really useful, other times (particularly if I’m getting a lot of dropouts for some reason) it really winds me up.

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