Feature Request: Non-Cycling Races

Hi there, I think there’s been a bit of a regression in this area, potentially since Plan Builder was introduced. I added in my running cross country races for the season a few months ago, marking them all as B category. Now when I go into them, it’s asking me to categorise what type of cycling races they are…

It would be great if under the Event Type drop down options an option for ‘running race’ or ‘swim race’ could be included. I raised something similar in relation to duathlons and @Bryce said it was because there were no duathlon plans. However, this was something I used to be able to do and have no lost functionality.

Would really appreciate an option here as you can’t leave feedback on the activity and save it without choosing an Event Type, which is pretty frustrating!

The ability to add non-cycling races in the Calendar is something we plan to re-introduce in the future, we’re sorry for the temporary feature regression :pensive:.

In the meantime, your best option is to add your events as “Workouts” and mention the race name and priority in the workout title.

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Bit unrelated to this topic, but why can’t I add a Run race to the calendar? Only supports bike events?
I can add it as Other Activity but that requires the Duration field to be filled… what’s the best way to add race (non-bike) to the calendar?


I moved your comment under a more appropriate topic. As far as I can tell, there is still no way to do non-cycling races.

Maybe @IvyAudrain can confirm or give a different update?


Apologies that we dont have an updated timeline for getting this on the roadmap.

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