Feature Request: Little indicators in the data fields showing lower/upper recommendations

I’d find it interesting if you had little indicators in the data fields while doing the workout showing you where your lower/upper limits for the actual interval would be under normal circumstances.

With HR: Taking your average lower/upper values for the actual power input (using data of the last year removing 10% statistacal outliers).

With cadence: Actual recommended cadence range for that interval (if existent).

Maybe indicators for other fields?

Little quick and dirty (ugly) mockup with 2 different approaches (showing values or showing a slider) just to get the concept:

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Really like this concept for HR :+1:

Hey Rizzi!

Thanks so much for taking the time to submit your suggestion!

Cadence Zones are something that we have considered in the past, however, since everyone’s optimal cadence is slightly different, we chose not to include cadence targets. For example, someone could be completely comfortable spinning 100 rpm while another rider may be much more comfortable around 85. We feel that riders with cadence sensors will learn what their ideal cadence is through practice, and will self-adjust accordingly.

For some intervals, when we dictate the cadence in the workout text, a Cadence Target could be a useful tool, however, these types of workouts are in the vast minority, and the workout text does a good job of informing riders about the upcoming cadence recommendations.

As for the Heart Rate Zones, I really like the idea of using past power and HR data to determine the heart rate range for an individual power target. That being said, we made the decision to remove Heart Rate zones and targets a few years ago due to the confusion it caused. For a user dealing with two targets (power and HR), they may wonder which target to shoot for. We want users to prioritize power over everything else, so we removed heart rate zones and targets to help drive this point home.

Happy training!