Setting HR zones in TR

Are there any plans to be able to define HR zones in TR? On the workout screen it would be nice to see which HR zone I was in (colour-coded).

The main use for this would be low intensity rides… I’d rather perform any low intensity rides to a specific heart rate zone (to stay under AeT) rather than trying to match target power.

With HR zones configured the workout analysis screen could then show time in HR zones.

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This would be great. While I train via power indoors, I go by RPE and HR outdoors (as I will when I race). Non-threshold stuff I can compare numbers with the screen and where my HR zone is. Would be nice to not think about it though and just have the info there.

Hey Oggie,

Unfortuantely we do not have plans to incorporate Heart Rate Zones into TrainerRoad. Way back when, we used to have heart rate, however, we switched to a power only training platform for a few reasons. For one, we believe that power is superior to Heart Rate in that it doesn’t vary from day to day, and it is always dependable. Rest, recovery, caffienation, nutrition etc. can all have an effect on heart rate and skew your values. Secondly, having both Heart Rate and Power metrics can be confusing from a new user standpoint since often times, you can be “in-zone” for Power and “out of zone” for Heart Rate. This resulted in a lot of confusion, so we eventually dropped the heart rate metrics.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you today!

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That’s true. I can see all the “my power and heart rate zones don’t match” type threads that would have cropped up :grimacing::grinning:

I can still get my time in HR zones info from Elevate (after the workout has synced with Strava), so it’s no biggie. Thanks for the feedback anyway Bryce.