Feature Request - Heart Rate final summary screen zone percentages


So I looked at a couple past posts but this suggestion doesn’t seem to have been given. I understand the logic of not showing zones while riding, but I was wondering if it was possible to have the zones for the summary screen we can use on the website, like where you can currently hover over each of the power zones and it’ll show you the rough % of time in each power zone.

The reason I ask, especially for low intensity z2 outdoors rides I’ve seen in many places that it can be an effective strategy to to aim to keep your heart rate between a certain percent more-so than targeting a specific power, which can be hard outside anyway. Especially for mountain biking I find my HR tends to be much higher than whatever miniscule power i’m putting out at times, so while the power is low it would be nice to check if I actually hit enough time in the endurance HR area.

Even if it was hidden from default to not confuse new riders, it would be useful if we could customize certain ranges of HR even for our own after the fact edification. They don’t need to be the ‘official’ zones for HR, even if we were just given the option for heart rate in the current ‘add zone’ tab that would be plenty.