Feature Request - Hide workout and more

Circumstances change and you end up shuffling workouts - deleting workouts etc
Trying to compare what you should have done with what you’ve actually done can get very difficult

If you could keep workouts in the calendar but just hide them and their TSS - i.e. grey them out it would be easy to see what you should be doing in the plan against what you are actually doing.
Add back workouts from the plan that you’ve deleted for one reason or another, without having to find the plan - find the week - find the workout - reinsert it
compare an outdoor ride, outdoor workout with the indoor planned ride

Even better - if the calendar had a trend line in lighter grey for the ‘hidden’ workouts.

Thanks for the feedback @PT1!

This would be somewhat tricky to implement while still keeping things clear and simple, but I agree that it can be tough to compare what your should have done with what you actually did. I will share your idea with the team to see what they think :+1:

Thanks @Bryce
I’d guess you’d almost duplicate the functionality of the current workout placement in the calendar - but classify it differently i.e. hidden. Sounds simple from this side - but bet its a different story in the real world.