Feature request-for extended cool downs

I’m aware of the extended cool down feature and it’s something I like very much.
Is there anyway to have it set up so that they can be engaged when the app pauses?
I can’t be the only one who’s iPad is a few feet away from the bike.
By the time I get off the bike to hit the button, the app pauses and I have to take my iPad back to my bike and hold it in my hands with a paddle for the next 10 minutes.
Please don’t suggest that run faster-that really won’t end well :slight_smile:


I think they may be working on this feature but they don’t have that yet. I have my a Ipad attached to my handle bars with some bungee cords and a towel to level it all. That may work for you.

Something like this solves the problem easily.


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This is a really great idea. Just shared it with our CEO Nate and he had our Web Product Manager put this on the backlog of features we plan to implement :slight_smile:

Cool - thanks.
I’ll wait for my check in the mail.
I’d like to thank all the little people …

Kidding aside - long time very satisfied customer.

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