Feature Request - Flexible Erg Workout

Use workout creator to just create a 3 hour workout at 60% and then ride until you don’t want to ride any more? Of course that may not be a good idea if you’re an obsessive task completer and end up feeling compelled to do the full 3 hours every time you start it!


Is it possible the free ride workouts will suit you?
Or do these not work for ERG?

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Been a while since I did a Free Ride, but since they lack any power target, I think ERG is non-functional.

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Good idea. I’ve done this. I have a 3.5hr workout at 75%. I use it for doing Zwift rides in erg mode when I’ve done all of my TR workouts for the week and riding outside isn’t an option. It gets the job done, just looks kind of funny on the calendar when you only go for 30 minutes. This isn’t a huge issue, but I can’t imagine a feature request that requires less development work and testing than this.

+1 for this feature request.

Especially threshold workouts that start and end with time spent at 60%-70%. It would be nice to be able to extend those periods on the fly, especially the end one, where I’ve found myself many times feeling good/having extra time that I could’ve spent in this zone.

I know you’re able to extend the warmups/cooldowns, but I’ve found little to no benefit in pedaling an extra 10min @90watts

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Just extend the cooldown and manually increase the intensity to what you want. You may have to tweak a bit for the first few minutes if the cooldown has a ramp.

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Didn’t know about this feature so checked and confirmed it’s on the iOS app as well.

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Thanks for the info. It’s new, and I wasn’t sure which versions were covered. Sounds like all mobile is set at least.

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Did a quick check on the Mac Desktop version and it’s not in there. Bummer, cause I use the desktop version more than the mobile version.

My pre-AT solution to this was to create a long (2+ hour) workout, and then just stop whenever I wanted to. You could do this now, just when AT asked you why you stopped early, answer “Time Constraint”.

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There isn’t a level intensity workout with an extend cooldown option.

This is great news!

On a similar note, is there a workout (or not in the structured sense) that has no power target and no time. Literally jump on in resistance mode and do whatever for however long?

Free ride ones have no power target, but it includes time because you can have a “workout” without time. Duration is a necessity for that.

You can load any of the FR workouts (even the 6hr one) and just quit when you want.

The only other thin I can think of is to load the trainer in the TR Device menu. You can alter RES-STD setting right there, pedal and get the control with no time. But it’s also not recording anything. So you’d have to record on another device if you wanted power, HT, TSS and such.

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@mcneese.chad I’m not sure where to put this suggestion, so I’ll just put it here since this was your last post…

I just did “Beacon” and I noticed a typo in the on-screen text. Around 40 minutes into the workout, there’s onscreen text about moving your feet like you’re kicking a soccer ball. The screen says “your”, but it should be “you’re”.


(Feel free to delete this Chad)


This is on purpose. Our goal is to assign athletes the right workout at the right time. We want to take into account their week, season, goals, and entire training history.

By allowing athletes to skip/repeat intervals we could be doing more damage then good. It’s very hard to make correct training decisions for yourself in the moment. And it’s easy to go too deep in one workout and derail your training in the future.

For those super savvy forum users, they can:

  1. Pause the workout and tap forward to skip an interval
  2. Pause the workout and tap back to extend a rest period
  3. Extend the workout at the end and add more intervals by changing the percent FTP.

These aren’t easy on purpose for the reasons mentioned above, but it’s still possible.


Yes, it’s called Zwift / RGT / Rouvy / etc.

Not sure what you mean by this, but just make a custom workout and you can extend whatever you want and increase intensity manually or pre-set.

Not subscribed to them, but Chad has pointed me in right direction

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