Feature Request - Similar Workouts Option

Just like the workout variations tab in each workout, it would be great if there was also a tab for similar workouts. This would show progression workouts, so similar workouts but with extended intervals or reduced rest periods etc.

What I’d really like to see is grouping of workouts in a way that helps you plan out extending TIZ at a given intensity.

This would help me, anyone else?


Seems like a pretty reasonable request which would prove useful to a lot of people.
Without doubt the search facility within workouts needs improving.


I just copy the WO to WO Creator and make the desired adjustments. It might be faster than searching for what you want.

I’m doing that but feel like it would be better to use the existing if they are already done with a natural progression.

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Don’t you worry, something like this is coming… :wink:


Hi Larry. Thanks for the heads up. I think everyone is pretty excited to see what’s coming up next! :raised_hands:t2:

> curl -s -b "__zlcmid=foo" https://www.trainerroad.com/api/workoutdetails/362236|jq '.Similar | length'

:innocent: *ahem* :innocent:

+1! Especially when the workouts are already lumped together as a progression in a certain training plan (e.g. Haku, Shasta, Berryessa, etc.)

Would definitely help. I often look for a variation in some of the workouts…some are just the monotony ie Petitt, …others are the VO2 workouts…which I now seem to have a handle on from another thread.