Feature Request: Extra tone alert/Custom tone count down period

I’ve thought this many times whilst working out and it would be good (for me!) to have the option to have a quick 1 second tone/alert some 10-15 seconds before an Interval increase is coming up.

Let me try and explain my issue.

Whilst doing workouts I do like to ensure I’m at a good cadence before a certain interval increase comes up. The count down tones I find are too late. For example I have a 140% FTP interval coming up and am exhausted from previous intervals so I’m not always concentrating at 100%! Some 10 seconds before this interval I would like to ensure I start to get my cadence set, ramp it up, so to ensure a smooth transition with ERG mode.

Currently if I’m not concentrating, the tones start counting down and I find it too late to increase cadence without effecting the settling down of the system. Because I find the trainer is starting to set resistance and I’m altering cadence thus changing power, the whole thing makes the whole settling down in to the correct power/cadence longer. I find if I slowly ramp up my cadence starting from around 10 seconds away before the interval hits everything works really well.

Sometime I wouldn’t want this for certain workouts, but sometimes I would love the ability for it to be there. (keyboard shortcut to turn it on/off too?) That’s why I’m requesting this is considered and you could possibly provide this.

I guess another option would be to increase the count down tone period, make that user adjustable from the current default to 10+ seconds ?


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Thanks for the request @FatherDamo2!

I’ll pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration :+1:.