Feature Request: Extra tone alert/Custom tone count down period

I’ve thought this many times whilst working out and it would be good (for me!) to have the option to have a quick 1 second tone/alert some 10-15 seconds before an Interval increase is coming up.

Let me try and explain my issue.

Whilst doing workouts I do like to ensure I’m at a good cadence before a certain interval increase comes up. The count down tones I find are too late. For example I have a 140% FTP interval coming up and am exhausted from previous intervals so I’m not always concentrating at 100%! Some 10 seconds before this interval I would like to ensure I start to get my cadence set, ramp it up, so to ensure a smooth transition with ERG mode.

Currently if I’m not concentrating, the tones start counting down and I find it too late to increase cadence without effecting the settling down of the system. Because I find the trainer is starting to set resistance and I’m altering cadence thus changing power, the whole thing makes the whole settling down in to the correct power/cadence longer. I find if I slowly ramp up my cadence starting from around 10 seconds away before the interval hits everything works really well.

Sometime I wouldn’t want this for certain workouts, but sometimes I would love the ability for it to be there. (keyboard shortcut to turn it on/off too?) That’s why I’m requesting this is considered and you could possibly provide this.

I guess another option would be to increase the count down tone period, make that user adjustable from the current default to 10+ seconds ?


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Thanks for the request @FatherDamo2!

I’ll pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration :+1:.

I am back on the trainer with it being a bit cooler and darker in the mornings. I am ending specialty phase so I have mostly VO2 and anaerobic workouts (rolling road race).
I am finding I wish I had more than the 3 seconds of notification chimes before the interval changes so I can prepare my cadence for the big jump in power difference (and mentally a bit). I am thinking a 10 second “clapping” sound like a boxing round at the 10 seconds left would be nice. Or even a different sound notification at 5 seconds.
I just find if I am day dreaming only having 3 seconds to prepare and ramp up my cadence is not as much as I would like.
I know some intervals have short rest periods, so maybe a 5 seconds chime here.


What about the visual graph and the interval countdown timer, is that not enough, lol. How annoying/useful would a 10 second notification be when doing workouts like 15/15s? I get it though, I’ve been caught off guard before during long recovery valleys in workouts.


It was would be nice if there were multiple at each end of interval and it was configurable, like MI-CX I’ve been caught out on long valies, so the 10 second one would be nice, but my mind makes me think the 3 seconds to end one, is the end chime, and I totally switch off when I hear it, don’t think it makes much difference, but annoys me every time that I didn’t make it to the end of the interval (usually happens when I am struggling)

Has my vote, I requested something similar many moons back… passed on for consideration and I guess ended up in the bin!

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It’s funny how we all deal with this differently. I turn off all the sound. I don’t want to hear the 1 minute chimes or the 3 second chimes. Just loud music in my ears.


10 more seconds of hurt versus 3 seconds more of hurt; the latter is slightly more appealing to me :open_mouth:

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You can look at 3 seconds being more like a race attack good training for race day