End of workout chimes, beeps [Feature Request]

I often don’t watch the TR workout screen on my iOS app and just listen for the interval countdown but sometimes I go past the end of the workout. The interval chimes are helpful but a different chime/sound at the end of a workout or even a different chime for hard vs easy intervals would be helpful.


Thanks! Will pass this along to the team!


Was just about to request the same feature! Often, during the cool down, I’ll switch back to whatever I was watching in Netflix or otherwise on my iPad Pro. I end up very often continuing to pedal long after the workout has ended. A simple chime or sound would be very helpful!


Looking for the same thing(ish).

I just would like countdown tones at the end of the workout, I don’t need them to be different from the tones at the end of intervals.

Oh yes please - this has frustrated me for ages! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hey @IvyAudrain! Congrats on the recent SS CX result :+1:t3:

I really agree with this request. Since most workouts taper down the last few minutes it happens that I either just keep pedaling after it’s over, or miss the opportunity to prolong with a few minutes. Would it be possible to have a 1min to go chime as well as a final chime? Did this make your dev teams backlog or any chance we can wish for it to be included in a future update? Thx

I disagree – I do need them to be different. I want a fanfare. Actually, can it be a clip of someone screaming my praises for [expletive] destroying those intervals? Ok, that might be weird after endurance, but I’d still welcome it.

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I vote for it to be this Jobs Done - YouTube

Hey thanks for the congrats and for checking in about this feature!
I’ll submit this to the team again, but I know that I can communicate how high-priority some of these upcoming releases and fixes are to our development team that take precedent at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s good to bump requests like this to us so we can keep it on our radar!
I’ll provide an update if applicable.

Cheers and thanks again!


Hi Audrey,

Many thanks and hopefully it gets pulled into development by the team at some stage. Take care :+1:t3:

My “workaround” for this is pushing the workout to Strava on my phone and having it notify me when the ride is uploaded.

I too get lost in TV during the cooldown sometimes although it’s not really a huge problem.

Would it be possible to put beeps at the end of the workout? I think it’s more a consistency thing for me rather than missing the end; it just seems odd not to have them.


I merged your post with the existing one asking for the same feature.

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Agreed. This has bugged me for a while.

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+1 I often times miss the end of a workout if watching a show on an easy ride.


Latest update says it’s got this, thanks!

Edit: just ridden. Are the beeps intended to descend in tone and volume?

Just done my first workout since this release, and ten minutes later I’m still laughing at people asking for a ‘celebratory’ sound and getting… that!



I am not getting anything at the end of a workout? I am using TR APP on a PC.

I am using MacOs and there is no sound at the end of the workout or any option to “pedal to extend” This is frustrating. Please add this to MacOs. Either would be a welcome addition and both would be ideal.

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While we’re resurrecting this thread… I’m all for April Fool’s jokes, but for most of the year I’d rather hear something less “womp womp” after crushing a hard workout. Did I just kick ass or did I just lose a game of frogger? Oof.

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