Counting down interval to the recovery period instead of minor changes [Feature Request]

I’m sure some people probably like it the way it is but maybe it could be tunable.

Right now, if the on phase varies, the timer counts down to the next change, eg, 94% to 92%. I’d prefer have the timer countdown to the next rest period. It’s all I think about when I’m in an effort. :wink:


That definitely should be optional only for me those short intervals make a larger interval seem less daunting. I always pick these type of intervals from alternates for that reason

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I figured some wouldn’t like the suggestion. To me the changes are so minor that they still hurt and all I care about is when the pain will stop. I see 2:00 left and I’m looking at the graph like “is this it?” and then the power changes by 2% and there’s still 1 more min to go and it’s very disappointing.


For me it’s the opposite. A 20min interval broken up into 4, 5 minutes segments is mentally so much easier. But as a option it would be a good addition for those who want it.


If I am reading this right, in the middle of our night :sleeping: I do both sometimes. I have TR counting down to the end of the interval (which could be something like a 1 minute under, with a 2 minutes over still to come. I also have the Garmin timer running to record that its 3minutes to the recovery or the end of the block of intervals. Only thing is is that I manually have to press lap at the start of a block :joy:

I’m talking about the efforts that vary slightly, not alternate btwn over/under.

Like Tallac-1 which has sweetspot efforts of 7 or 8 minutes over a varying intensity of 88% to 94%. It’s something like 4 min @ 91%, 1 min @ 88%, 2 min @ 94%, 1 min @ 92%.

The 7 or 8 minute effort is a narrow range of 88-94 and to me I don’t care about the distinction. I only want to know when I’m going to get a recovery period.

Thats what I thought, I just used an under over example 95% to 105% efforts without a break (I maybe didn’t communicate it right at 3am UK time). But basically a ride with a block of 7 or 8 minutes of varying intensity so TR counts down end of those say 1 to 2 minute variances but I just want to know sometimes how long it is before I get a break (the full 8 or 9mins). I use the garmin timer to tell me that but it only works if I reset the computer to 0s (via the lap button in my set up) and know in advance its a 7 or8 minutes section as it counts up unless I pre program it as a training session.

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