Feature Request: display on the screen the upcoming interval time / intensity / cadence

During a training sessions, I like to know what is coming up next in terms of the intensity and time of a workout interval. Short intervals with higher intensities are difficult to see on my phone or laptop. I’m training on dumb rollers so I have to think and prepare anticipated gearing a few seconds before the start of the interval. Right now, I have to log into the website, find the workout description and hover over the plan profile to see the intensities and times of the intervals.

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I would agree with this. That is the only thing I liked about suffer fest more.

I find that after about 2 years of using TR and doing mostly short power build type workouts I more or less know what the up coming power is going to be. Also the intensities in the warm up are in the same ballpark.

I would like this too!

couldn’t agree more…

I just did my first workout on TR (the Ramp Test) and was really missing this feature. I’m using a semi-smart trainer (no ERG mode) and like the original poster, takes me a few seconds to get to the right resistance and/or gear to get to the desired power level.

I’m really worried about future workouts that have 10 second or less intervals and basically missing half of them just trying to get to the power level needed!

I am all for the suggestion mentioned, but I feel that a reminder is worthwhile.

The exact hit of power in some of these situations is not critical. The fluctuations we get above or below the targets is real, but not substantial enough to detract from the overall effect of the training.

If you are doing repeat intervals, you just need to do one or two to find the right approach (shifting, cadence, etc.) that will make the remaining ones more “perfect”.

Recognize that we tend to fixate on those variances (I used to do this), but the reality is that those minor differences won’t “hurt” our training as much as might think. As a fellow OCD person, I fully understand the desire to hit these things perfectly, but it is worry without need, IMHO.



But also this. :+1:

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The one thing I liked about Zwift was the presentation of the Workouts. The colour coding, the layout, you knew exactly what was coming at you at any time in the WO, even intervals that might be 10’s of minutes ahead.

This knowledge was a great stress reducer on harder workouts. You could focus on upcoming efforts knowing exactly what was expected.

Since I do my training on rollers, I like to stay focused on the WO and not have additional mental distractions. In addition to the rollers, I will often run the WO on a 5" phone. I can’t tell if an interval is 10 seconds in length or 1 minute. I need to get psyched for those types of things.

Not that it really matters if I do the WO perfectly, but I get a sense of satisfaction completing the WO as designed and not making excuses for why I might have missed a target. I don’t train to race, I train to train.

As a fellow dumb trainer user, I can empathize. I will say that after spending last season on Virtual Power, I learned to use the warm ups to figure out the gear I needed to be in to get me in the ballpark of the interval requirements, then use cadence to manage the minor changes from interval to interval.