Add option to extend warmup during ramp test [Feature Request]

I don’t seem to have that option. Is this intended?

I really need it because I use the Saris Fluid 2 trainer and the oil takes a while to warm up and increase resistance during early winter mornings. Without a warm-up I spin myself to death during ramp test.


PS Using TR on Android phone app

  • Yes.

  • TR feels there is sufficient time in the 4 minute warm up, plus the fact that it only steps up 6% per minute to give nearly 10 minutes below or at Endurance (assuming the starting FTP is ballpark of the current FTP) is enough in their eyes. As such, they have not incorporated the the extended warm up function.

  • If you want more warm up, you need to add it via separate workout. And as they mention, you must do that same effort each and every time to maintain consistency in test results.


Spin for 10min on free ride, then start Ramp Test - need to keep protocol consistent though!!

Edit - Chad M beat me to it!

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@LarrytheStanimal you should do a separate warm up before you do your ramp test! Of course, to warm up yourself but more importantly to warm up your trainer.

From time to time I take data on my trainer…so I’ll have the trainer all set up and calibrated and I’ll have another powermeter zeroed and reading out on my headset. If I hop on the trainer and start pedalling there is a large difference between the rear-hub power (trainer) and the power at the pedal (powermeter). Sometimes it can be 20W but most of the time it’s between 10W & 15W. I can sit on the bike and spin at recovery watts & watch the difference go down, down, down until it settles in at some single-watt difference (this is 30s power I’m looking at). Depending on ambient temperature & the trainer that process can take as long as 20 minutes.

So if you are just hopping on the trainer cold and starting a ramp test definitely the first half of your ramp can be a little off. I like to do the LSCT Warm Up before a ramp test. That seems to do a good job of warming up my trainer and my body.

Also, ever notice that often your second interval feels easier than your first? :smiley: That might be because it was!

I guess I can do a separate easy workout to get around the issue, but I’d rather have the option to extend ramp test warm-up.

The we can turn this into a Feature Request if you’d like.

I would. I understand the reasons for not offering it, but those ignore specific equipment-related reasons why it would help.

Thank you

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OK, I got the title and tag updated. :smiley:

I will tag @IvyAudrain to make sure she passes this along to the team.

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