Feature Request: Enhanced Workout Search

So we have this great feature which I learned about here, that on the desktop WEBSITE I can search for example “3x20” and it will give me 85 results for various types of 3x20 workouts, and similarly 3x3 gives a lot of selection as well. However this search functionality is completely missing from both the MacOS Desktop app, and the iOS app (at least the beta version I use).

I think its quite useful, an example being if I want to work on Sweet Spot and lets say this week want to start with 3x10 then next week move to 3x12 then 3x15 and eventually 3x20, sure I can try to use the filters to get what I need, but it seems much easier to be able to type in the intervals you want, or at least have the option to.


+1. This follows a prior request about making the general Workouts interface between apps & web consistent (to include “Favorites” and other ways to tag or locate workouts).

Much like the other units request, consistency is the goal here, and having the same powerful search options in all apps would be ideal.