Feature request. Continuous freeride

I use freeride workouts for all my z2 endurance. This way I keep my hr in check. I’d love to be able to pick an open length freeride rather than picking a certain duration.

There are bunch of workouts named “Free Ride” (Free Ride 240, for example), with no specified goals. Never tried one but I guess you get no PL change with them, at least not until PLv2 is released.

Alternatively, I have created bunch of IF 0.6 rides with different durations and use them instead.

This is where I think pace partners in Zwift really shine compared to TR. It can be a bit tricky to find a pace partner that fits exactly the w/kg you are looking for, but they’ve added a bunch recently. C. Cadence this morning for 1 hour and 40 minutes and we averaged exactly 200 watts.

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+1 for this request.

I often just want to spin for a while without a plan for how long it will be. An open-ended option would be ideal. No fussing around trying to pick the right length of workout, extending the time and jacking up the intensity settings if I decide i wanted to go longer, no worrying about a survey asking me why I stopped early if i decide to quit. Have this available in the trainnow choices so I could jump into it quickly.


This morning I did two PP rides. Up the Alpe at high tempo/ low sweetspot for 90 mins, and then jumped in with D Draft for another 75 mins of Z2. Super convenient and motivating.

Back to TR the day after tomorrow for my next threshold workout. I’ll run Zwift in the background just for visual interest and XP.

Best of both worlds.

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Getting appropriate credit and Progression Level changes for the work done in Free Ride is on our roadmap as part of future Adaptive Training updates. I’ll post updates here as they become available.