Feature Request: consistent time choices

Noticed some parts of the app (train now and alternates) show time in minutes so 60/90/105/120. Other parts of the app (manual workout selector) show time in hours 1:00/1:30/1:45/2:00

I think it should be consistent and in hours across all parts of the platform, IMO 1:45 is easier to make sense of than 105 minutes, not hard, but seems unnecessary to have the inconsistency


+1 for adding consistency across all apps and the web.

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As a software developer I can attest that consistency is hard and a massive pain in the butt!
(I just recently discover we have 3 different system to do the same thing… but bringing it up as a thing to fix apparently is “controversial” :man_shrugging: )


Old Guard fighting slightly less Old Guard.

+1 to the proposed change

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Agreed! Room for improvement here for sure. Good catch. :v:


Also noticed something similar for the workout difficulty ratings, for example TrainNow alternates it shows the levels with your personalized range

Regular workout selector just shows names even though I’ve picked a zone

Probably less of a functional drawback but would be nice to have it consistent there too. I guess if I just want to pick a duration and intensity but not a zone, it won’t know what the assigned levels are for that zone, but sometimes it will if I pick zone first, just doesn’t show them