TrainNow - recommendations consistency between durations

I’m a couple of weeks away from taking a week off for holiday. So just using TrainNow until I have bandwidth for a solid block.

Today I’m undecided between 90 and 60 mins endurance workout, TrainNow recommends an endurance workout but the intensity varies greatly depending on duration.

If i pick 90 minutes train now wants me to do Bays +1, a 6.8 endurance workout. If I pick 60 mins the intensity drops quite dramatically to something like Petit +1. a 4.0 workout or even lower. Picking 75 minutes also gives an easier workout, as does 105 minutes but at 90 minutes it seems pretty set on my doing a 6.8 :slightly_smiling_face:

I did Sitkinak yesterday a level 6 threshold workout and rated very hard - couldn’t have done another 13 minutes block at FTP. So think prob need something easier today.

I looked through the library and there are certainly a lot of easier 90 minute workouts that could be recommended.

Feels to me that this is just a weird edge case bug rather than intended behaviour, given that all other durations are pretty much recommending easier workouts - which seem appropriate given training recently.


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Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

I just did some digging on this too and I think you’re right that this might be a bug. I’m going to report it to the team so we can look into what might be up here.

In the meantime, certainly feel free to do an easier Endurance workout if yesterday’s session was tough!

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