Feature Request: Colors and more colors

Loving TrainerRoad! TR lifer here for sure. :slight_smile:

So 2 feature requests which I promise (think) is towards making your subscribers faster cyclists. :sweat_smile:

(1) Color-coded cards in the calendar. Workouts to me are like “cards” in the calendar. So for example, doing 2 workouts in a day shows 2 cards/boxes per day. If the cards are color-coded such that a high TSS workout is RED while an easier workout is GREEN, it allows me to space out my workouts so I avoid 2 consecutive RED days – or something to that effect. I understand the TSS number is displayed on a laptop (not on the iPad) but it’d be so much easier to organize if it was colored.

(2) Colored bars depending on % of FTP. From my experience with another platform, seeing a different color for an upcoming Vo2Max or Sprint effort really pumps me up. It likes it psychs my mind for a certain effort level. I’ve read others request for this in the forum, and I understand this isn’t a priority, but changing the blue bars really does help.

I hope this post makes sense. If not, I apologize for being too high from the TR workout I finished a few minutes ago. :joy:


I actually get great satisfaction seeing my power follow the all blue graph and also love seeing the blue workouts completed in my calendar. So I hope they don’t change that. I really think that’s what makes TR stand out. With that said I do completely understand what you are saying. So I’m not implying your suggestion is bad.


Covered in greater detail here :slight_smile:

I just did a search because I had a similar colour related request and this seemed like a relevant thread. I was doing Mitchell this morning which are over/under anaerobic/SS intervals and was thinking it would be useful and also motivating if the interval bars changed colour based on how you went for that interval.
For example-
Green- hit target wattage
Red- missed target wattage
Yellow- missed target wattage but still within the power zone so you know you still get the intended benefit.

I’d love to be able to chase a fully green graph as the workout goes along and would also give a good visual summary of a workout so that you can see that maybe you drop off towards certain points or in certain aspects of an interval.

Hopefully this is somewhat relevant to this conversation, just thought I’d add my 2 cents as a new TR user who is completely addicted.


For the colour coded cards on the calendar I would like them so you can colour code them how you want, which would be especially helpful for triathlon training to quickly show different activity types (similar to Garmin Connect) without focusing in on the little activity type icon. It would also be nice if you could sort them by order in the day rather than by TSS, but that’s a separate topic. :slight_smile: