Coloured custom activites for calendar?

I do weights/pilates sessions 4 times a week and it would be nice to be able to colour these activity boxes on the calendar. Maybe distinct from annotations in the way that the whole box is coloured rather than a line at the side. Would be helpful for self-organising non-cycling activities to give context beyond the ‘other’ workout option type.

t would also add some spice to the calendar (which is very cool, but a little bit grey and blue).


I’m with you on this one, that “other” calendar app uses it and and as an ex user of it it made planning super easy and yeah it looks good too…

Yes please - I appreciate its a new feature and all the work that has gone into developing it but if in future developments it would be possible to colour code the activity it would then be easier to follow the calendar. I want to add in Gym/Pilates/Rest days etc and would be great if could be colour coded so easy to see - perhaps my username should be frustrated librarian lol!

Also once I have planned a week or month would be great to print (very retro) but would then stick in my journal.

Anyway thanks for a great development so far

Just found when adding an activity you can add as annotation - not quite the same as adding an activity but does mean you can colour code non trainer road activities…might help I’m going to give it a try

Did this ever make it off the backlog?
Being able to quickly colour up activities will be a benefit for the calender and surely cant be that hard to implement?
Id like to be mark up Swims one colour, runs another colour with differing types runs taking a different shade etc.

Stops the calendar becoming a mass of tiles.

If this has been implemented can someone point me in the right direction on how to apply this to the cards/tiles.

Hey @Hoppy,

Unfortunately, this feature request is not scheduled to be implemented at this time. The Design Team oversees the styling, the fonts, the colors, and everything that goes into making TrainerRoad look the way it does, and they have chosen not to implement color-coded workouts at this time.

If enough users voice their support for a certain feature, this has the potential to change, however, this hasn’t been a highly requested feature, so we have chosen to keep things a bit more simple.

+1 from me - - color coding would be great (like other calendars), especially when the calendar gets really filled up with swim/bike/run/strength activities.


@Bryce +1 from me. Great idea.