Feature Request: Color coded Intervals on Workout detail

Yup, I’m still focused on the intervals table on workout detail. Guess what I use a lot?


As a user, when viewing my workout detail, I should be able too scan the intervals table and quickly see, via color coding (shades of red/orange/green - like in the workout itself), which intervals I completed way above, above, on point, below and way below. Yes, I can approximate it via the graph line at the top of the page or in the interval accordion, but I would like to scan the full table and see if I see more green (on or above) that orange/red (below or way below).

I would even be ok if this was an on/off toggle (or setting) in order to keep the noise down on the page.

label: “quality of life”

Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion with us!

Unfortunately, we do not intend to add color coding at this time :pensive:. We have limited Development Resources, so we need to pick and choose features that we feel will make the biggest impact in making our users faster. Currently, we are focused on bringing the Calendar into the apps, which will be a huge improvement over the current workflow.

All that being said, we have had a few requests similar to this one over the past few months, so we will keep your suggestion in mind as we complete projects and Development Resources free up :+1:.

Thanks again!


Just curious, why is looking at that data part of your post-workout analysis workflow? What does the information allow you to do better the next workout?

I like to look across all the intervals and see what’s up and down. This way I can match that to what I perceived from the workout or any notes I make. I see that during the workout at the end of each workout, but during say a V02max workout I loose track. The line graphic (during workout) resets each interval and the lower section isn’t enough fidelity to see details).

Again, this is nice to have and a way for me to quickly scan the table and see more of one color or another, to micro validate the visualization at the top of the page. Especially important work workouts with a ton of intervals like Tallac.

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Stick it in the backlog and maybe someday you guys can Kanban your way to it.


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