Feature Request: Capture Cycling Dynamics and sync to Garmin

Coach Chad always says if you can collect the data then you should, even if you don’t use it.

It would be awesome if TrainerRoad could collect the cycling dynamics data from my Garmin pedals and sync that data to Garmin Connect.

I used to always record my TR rides on my head unit and upload to Garmin Connect from there so that I am collecting all available data. Now I’ve stopped doing that and sync all my rides from TR to Garmin (and Strava) directly, it;s cool because I get to see the name of the workout but I lose so much data.

Would it be easy for TR to collect the data and pass it through? Even if TR doesn’t give a way to view the data on TR platform this would be really useful.

I know the jury is out in terms of benefits from cycling dynamics. For me it’s useful for a couple of things:

Variance in PCO (Platform Centre Offset) over the course of a ride shows can show how straight or not my knee is tracking. I like to keep an eye on this as I’ve had problems related to knee stability in the past

Right / left balance is useful for checking on bike fit as I have found that I get a greater variance if my saddle is too high.

Either way, it seems a bit daft not to collect the data if it’s available

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It’s been requested, no plans to implement according to TR

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@mcneese.chad @Bryce this isn’t quite the same request. I’m not looking to view or analyse the data in TR. Just want TR to capture it and pass it through.

I have sync to Strava and Garmin from TR turned on. This give TR some additional visibility in Strava due to all my TR rides showing with the neat screenshots and names. If I want to keep CD data I’ll need to turn off that sync, record on my head unit, upload to Garmin and let Garmin sync to strava.

TR loses out on the additional visibility and I lose out as I lose the workout names and laps from Garmin and Starva.


Yeah pass through would be great so I can look at it in Garmin Connect. Although, as an aside, Strava seems to have stopped displaying duplicate rides so you just need to ensure your TR ride is synced with Strava before your Garmin one does. Which is easier said than done when training at the outer reach of my WiFi signal with my head unit paired with my phone! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the clarification @chrisone.

Unfortunately, we have no plans to integrate Cycling Dynamics moving forward due to our prioritization of other features that we feel will have a greater positive impact on the TR experience.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news at the moment :pensive:.

@Bryce thanks for following up. Disappointed but at least I can stop holding out for it :slight_smile:

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