Feature request - caloric expenditure info in calendar overview

I roughly track my calories and do this by calculating my weekly TDEE without exercise, then add my activities afterwards. I use this calculator —> https://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/, calculate TDEE without exercise (BMR multiplied by 1.2) and then add the calories burned through cycling /strength training afterward to kind of estimate my needs. The amount of calories that I take change from day to day but the weekly intake is around maintenance level (but this can obviously change depending on your goals/ events etc.)

My idea is to show the info of calories burned in the calendar overview right next to the total tss and time spent on activities, making it easier to get the total number in one go instead of looking at all the workouts and calculate the sum. So this would mean that the overview would contain :

  • Hours
  • Tss
  • Caloric expenditure

Something like this ( the 3 lines are : TR (6000), the little bike icon (3000) and other activities (1000))

Or would this be too much info for such a small window? It currently fits because I have double days making the window larger.
This obviously isn’t a very needed feature and don’t know if a large base of users would like/use this, but I got this idea on the bike this morning and just wanted to share, voila!

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This would be very helpful!

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Yeah second this as well.

Also…Apple Health integration? A man can dream…

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The data is there, that’s why I thought of this.