Training Planer Overview, please add event dates

I really love that you can plan your season with TR - including and especially your events! As there is a lot of shuffling around with Covid but also regular live, work, kids and so on, i really like it also to keep an overview on my sport. The Calendar is super helpful in this regard and actually besides the training plans one of the main reasons I decided to go with TR instead for example The Sufferfest.

Could you please include into the overview page the events we’ve included into our plans? At the moment you can only see the Training Stress and directly below the time plan. The only way to guess something is happening, is the different shading in the diagram. A compact list of your planned A,B,C or even only A,B races would be so helpful! This way you have a summary of your planed training and upcoming events for the year and you can easily check if you have the capacity to squeeze in a race and so on.

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Thanks for posting this!
We do have some features rolling out that will help with event visibility, but in the meantime, you can expand all blocks with events and see events titled ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ within each block. Its not as easy as having them all in one place, but we definitely hear you on this request and can hopefully address it soon!