Feature request: button to take you directly to source workout

I have a simple request:

In the calendar (the internet browser one), in this screen that opens when you click on a workout you completed, would it be possible to make one of the buttons take you directly to the SOURCE workout so you can read the description and/or view your previous rides? Button 1 or 2, perhaps?

What do you think?


It does take an extra button click and some scrolling but if you click into your completed workout and then scroll to the bottom of the page then there is a button to take you to the source workout.

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Yeah, I know how to access it now. :slight_smile: I was just suggesting how to make it easier making use of a screen that is already there.

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I agree and think this would be great, it isn’t entirely intuitive to get to the source. Alternatively if the completed workout page included the source workout info/description so if you were looking for some explanation of the workout it is right there.


Cool! Will pass along to the team for consideration, although considering there is already a way to do this as outlined by @mwglow15, not sure that it will get on the roadmap soon with some higher priority fixes and releases on the way! Cheers.

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Fully agree with the feature request! :+1: :slight_smile: