Online Page Views/displays Recommendations

Hello, I wanted to share a couple of recommendations for easier navigation online.

  1. I often like to see what the original ride was supposed to be, rather than my specific ride. This is helpful to see what Zone for example, the ride is. To do this, I have to click on my ride from the calendar, then click on my ride again, then scroll to the bottom and click on source workout.

Would it be possible to get to the Source Ride information/link in an easier way? Maybe directly from the calendar pop up, by clicking on the associated ride? This would also help in showing the Past Rides of the same workout (which I can only find on the Source workout page)

  1. The second recommendation is to show the FTP value on the My Rides on the Source Workout page. For example, I can see that the NP increased, but I was curious to see what FTP was in both. Maybe it can be displayed in the graph, or as an extra unit?

Thanks for taking the time to review and considering the feedback as you always do!



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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, we really appreciate it!

I’ll pass on your tips to the team for consideration :+1:. Our Developers are currently full-speed-ahead on some new features we’re working on, so these adjustments would rank pretty low on our priority list, but nonetheless they could be worthwhile additions.

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