Feature Request: Add intervals during workout / switching to +1 versions

+1 for this

I was going to make a post about the same thing, then found this! Agreed!


Another +1 here, ideally for both adding and removing intervals. Sometimes I do my workout in the morning, and by the time I’ve got everything up and running I only have time to do a 45 minute variant. So I switch to a -1, but then decide that, nah, I can show up late to the office (well, I’m self-employed and my bike is in my office, but… You know what I mean), so I want to put that interval back on.

A lot of the time during a workout I wish I could either switch to a - version of the workout if my legs are feeling too heavy or switch to a + if I’m having a good day. It’d be handy to have it be able to be changed mid workout as you usually don’t know how your legs are going to feel until you start working out.


There’s a quick add button for both warm up and cool down. It would be cool if there was a button to add another interval block to extend your workout if you’re still good at the end.


This has probably been said but would love a quick button to repeat the last interval/set at the end of a workout.



Would also be cool if you could extend the interval you’re in. So for example, you’re doing 3x20 but halfway through the 3rd you are feelin good so you hit a keyboard shortcut and the interval extends to 30’/45’/etc.


I’m just bumping this to say repeat last interval would be great.

At the moment my solution is I dual record and use my headset to upload rides

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Bumping to the team! Thanks all.


This makes a lot of sense because it creates good habits. As such, it is recommended to add another interval or even two before trying to increase intensity. Thats what e.g. Prof. Seiler recommends.

Personally, after I started fiddling with intensity not longe before I fell apart in the following days or weeks.

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+1 here :slight_smile: would be a great addition to de extend cooldown feature.

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I would like to see this feature. I am using a LV plan but almost always add volume to my rides and workouts. I have been going to the calendar and changing the workout to the longer version most of the time (90 minute workouts match TV episodes better too). I only record the workouts on my Garmin, not the app.

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Sometimes I come to the end of a workout wishing I could extend it by adding another interval. Like extending the cool down a button/prompt to “add another interval” prior to the cool down would be sweet.

I know prior to the workout I could select a longer or more intense variety but I don’t always have the confidence to know I can push it beforehand.

I think this feature would further adaptive training with on-the-fly additions when you are feeling strong.


I moved you post under and existing one with the same idea.

I contacted Support about this last month. I think a simple option of adding ‘+1, or +2 intervals’ during a specific time window late in the ride would be nice (and straight forward) but that was before I discovered AT and am trying that. I don’t know the programming algorithms behind AT so I have no idea if that complicates the ride analysis (or post ride survey).

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I really like this idea, but DO NOT give us the option to do a -1 or remove 1. I cant tell you how many times I would 100% have taken that bail out if it was an option only to end up able to complete the workout.


agreed, I do the nonstop negotiation of ‘I’ll just do the recovery then 1 minute of the next interval’, etc. I always end up doing the whole thing but i sure do whine about it in my head a lot some days.

Second post. Podcast edition 346, you asked for feature requests. Here you go.

“one more set/rep?”

You start off, say you’re doing Icefall -3. four sets of ss sprinkled with up/downs peaking at 100%. Or Shumards Peak threshold… long reps 2% above ftp.

You’re feeling like you won’t get through but after the first set you think; “I may have a shot at this". And you tick them off until you get into the middle of the last set and the mind/body have that symbiotic thing going on where we’re all working together to get it done.

You know that this last set is supposed to be hard but it adds real value to strength & fitness. You feel ok and the fuzzy logic flows that one more set will also help.

You finish the last set and there’s a small window (perhaps before the cool down or the tail) where a button appears (a bit like the button that adds time to the warmup/cool down). You click the button and one more set (or rep) appears on the workout. You crush it and slump onto the bars knowing that you just did an extra set, one more than your buddies. You open up the IPA with a smug grin. “I made myself faster”.

Not a ‘must have’ feature but a nice increment. It’s not on all workouts but you can filter for it.

I guess we could just do a second session but once you’ve warmed down you usually wouldn’t open up a new workout session. The moment has passed. Besides, were vain, we wouldn’t do two TR posts on Strava because the kudoses generated by one big workout are worth more than the dilution kudos of two. Thanks for considering.

  • • Love your saas product and love the auto/manual AI/ML strategy you’re employing, I’m a luddite on a kurt dumb trainer because I prefer to make my own power choices but I like the alternatives offered, the new categories of intensity and the prediction of whether it’s achievable, stretch etc… This is industry leading stuff. Keep it up, it’s worth the $5
  • • You have created a great CS team. All are good and responsive. Special shoutout to JJ in that team. Unfair to the rest to single him out.

This post has allowed me to procrastinate on my goal writing and today’s workout Clouds Rest +6. Better get on and do that. Might wash the dog first…

Brendan Mason

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@blmason Like I mentioned in your other post, we group similar requests in the same forum topic. So I moved your under the existing one with tha same goal and suggestion.

Also, when creating forum topics, please use a short summary of the idea. Broad and generic ones like “I have an idea” don’t give an idea what is actually within the topic. It also makes searching for existing or similar ideas more difficult.

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Much appreciated Chad. Will be more careful in future. My first ever post I referred to was a post completing disaster in December. A real highlight for 2021.

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