Feature Request: Add intervals during workout / switching to +1 versions

Oh, I probably have my posts mixed up, sorry about that.

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Disclaimer I have not read this entire thread!

I would like a feature to repeat the last interval (or set). Maybe this could be a part of the extended cool down menu.

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I moved your post to the existing topic with the same request.

There’s some really good insight here from Nate as to why we don’t currently support this feature:

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Thanks Ivy. Makes sense---- I like your recovery drink best!! LOL

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Just a thought, as i was finishing up a moostooth+1 , and the “extend cooldown” button showed up, I though, I could have done 1 more interval.

It would be nice to have an “add interval” button to extend a workout by one of whatever prescribed interval the workout was doing.

I don’t know how difficult this would be to program but thought it would be nice.

Thanks for all the work your team does!


Would love this as well.

I moved your post under the existing request with the same idea.

Many workouts finish with an endurance interval. I’ve often wanted to extend the workout at this power rather than the finishing cool down power.

Alternatively it would be nice if extend cool down would stretch the power ramp down rather than just the ending low power level.

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Would like to see this feature as well.

Thinking about this today… would be a great feature to have!

I see it’s been 4 years since the first post… hopefully this comes to fruition sooner than another 4 years! :wink:

It would be great to be able to add another set to an existing workout for those days you want to push harder.

So if a Sweet Spot workout is: warm up; set 1; rest; set 2; rest; set 3; rest; set 4; cool down. The request is to add a button, similar to “extend warmup” and “extend cooldown” to add another set identical to the last set before the cooldown. The modified workout would then be: warm up; set 1; rest; set 2; rest; set 3; rest; set 4; rest; set 5; cool down. Request is to just repeat final set to make it easy/easier to implement. Some workouts have slightly different composition to each set, so button would just repeat final set.


As mentioned, I moved your post under a prior one with the same idea.

Hi there, wondering the same on a vo2max session, it had 4 intervals but I would like to add one more; what if I back the indicator to the start of the last interval, would it errase the info or add it?

It would most probably erase it. I only know this as I’ve accidentally moved the workout point forward when moving the “mini” player and had to then move the workout point back to where I actually am in the workout.

Yup, you lose the data, but obviously keep the physiological load.

Don’t know about that, millennial thinking would dispute that!!! jajajaja

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finally I just extended 5’ and ramped up the power

Disagree. If it ain’t on strava or Garmin it doesn’t count because you can’t brag about smashing all those KJs :joy:

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